What Fragrance are you Leaving Behind?

I went jogging the other day and i ran past a man standing at the bus stop, as soon as i ran past him, the Lord asked me, ”what Fragrance did you leave behind?” I started asking myself, so When i ran past that man, did i leave a sweet scent or did i leave him holding his nose in disgust or did i just make the poor man collapse to the ground with my odour? What smell did i leave behind? i asked myself. 

I started meditating more on this question and i realised that this is the same as when we are in our work places, at home, shopping, vacations etc. We meet,  Work and interact with a lot of people and we have to ask ourselves these questions. When we leave that place, that room or that meeting, what fragrance are we leaving behind? What attitudes are we presenting? What mood do we create when we enter or leave a room? Do we leave people uplifted or crashed inside? Do people dread having us as a boss/leader in the workplace? Do we leave people not wanting to associate with us at all because of how we make them feel when we are around? Are you the type that people avoid? Do you create harmony or you disturb the peace when you are around people?  These are some of the questions we need to be asking ourselves and try to make necessary changes within ourselves to make sure that we can positively affect and influence others to be better people. Having the ability to look at SELF (do a SELF-CHECK) and acknowledge our weaknesses gives us the opportunity to change for the better and grow and only then will we be able to leave that admirable presence, that beautiful fragrance behind. Let us strive to be that person that leaves people wanting more of us than less of us. Our aim everyday should be to leave those we meet uplifted and hopeful rather than torn down and discouraged. Leave a beautiful Fragrance behind always!


Author: You Can Rise Again

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