As I was walking through the woods, I could not help but feel the peace that came out of nature.  The very tall trees just stood still not being moved by all the activity that was going on around them. There’s probably some snakes sliding underneath the grass or some creepy crawlies moving around. So many things happen in the woods especially when it’s dark. Foxes and other scary animals come out and night but when the light comes out in the morning, everything becomes still.  And the scary animals hide away. How can there be this kind of peace in a place where so much activity takes place especially at night? I thought to myself.


So this got me thinking, most of us who have been around long enough can agree with me that this journey called life is not an easy one. We face so many challenges and obstacles; some small, some so big that they knock us down to our knees. Some trials make us feel like losing hope; some give us a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights.  These trials usually present themselves in different shapes and forms and they often show up when we least expect. They usually catch us by surprise. 


In spite of all these things that we go through in life, there is 1 thing that I found to be true, the special Light that when it comes out and invades the darkest nights of our lives it brings peace in the midst of whatever wars we may be facing. Jesus Christ is that Light. Trust me when I say I was never one that believed Jesus could give me that kind of peace. To me Jesus was one of those people that I would always go to when I was in trouble and when my problem is gone I forget about him.  I can safely say I used Jesus only for my benefit.


Things changed for me when I received Christ over 10years ago. Salvation came and my whole life changed. The way I see trials and challenges has changed and my whole outlook on life has been transformed.  Don’t get me wrong this does not mean that when I face these trials I’m all happy and I don’t feel any pain, but I know this truth that having Jesus in my life and accepting him as my personal Lord and Saviour has given me a certain comfort that I can never find anywhere. It has given me a certain hope that the world can never give me. It has made me see God in every storm that I have experienced and given me a certain peace that this world cannot offer. There is a certain strength to carry on that comes with having Jesus by your side. I have learnt that with God we will walk through some difficult valleys but he always gives us the grace to go through them if we receive the light that he brings. It is also in these seasons that God moulds us, he multiplies us and deliverance takes place inside of us. 


One important lesson that I have taken in most of the storms that I have gone through is that, we go through storms to be moulded, healed and delivered but above all we overcome so that we can reach out to other peoplewho are broken and hurting. I always say, ‘’if you have not gone through some tough stuff in your life or experienced some difficult situations and overcame then who can you encourage, reach out to or comfort. Experience is what develops in us certain compassion and sensitivity towards others and it develops humility in us and because we overcame our own storms we are now equipped to lift up the other person who may be facing a difficult storm.


When I look back at the storms that I have faced and overcame I can only see God. He gave me the grace to get out of the house and not look like what I was going through, he still dressed me up with a smile on my face. He sustained my mind when I could have lost it and I cannot help but thank him for giving me PEACE in the midst of my CHAOS. 


Ask Jesus to walk with you and you will never regret it.



Evening Primrose

One of my favourite supplements is Evening Primrose. I have been using this for a while now and the change it has brought to my life is amazing. It has helped with balancing my hormones and eliminating some of the unpleasant hormonal symptoms i used to experience. You can purchase this product from Holland and Barett and if you are in Harare Zimbabwe you can purchase from The Health Shop, Health and All, located in Kwame Nkrumah Ave in Harare Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 .

Be the first to break the CYCLE by stepping out of the CIRCLE!

I’m sure many of us have gone through this at some point in our lives, Cycles. When you feel like everything you are going through is deja vu. Going through the same unpleasant experiences over and over again and the hardest thing about it is not knowing how to stop it. We often wonder why we keep experiencing the same thing year in and year out. For some it has gotten so bad that you can even predict the time it is going to happen because you are so used to the cycles.

Sometimes we can see the recurring patterns in our families in the form of hereditary diseases, job losses, abortion of plans, premature termination of dreams, premature deaths etc. These can be very heartbreaking and a great torment to one’s spirit as you end up feeling like nothing is ever going to change. When we are born and as we go through life in this world, we pick up so many things along the way and therefore we need to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus daily to remove the stains that are placed on our spirits by experiences of life.


As children of God we need to understand that Jesus came so that we might have life and have it to its’ fullest. (Gal 3:13). We need to realize and begin to exercise the power that was given to us. (Luke 10:19 Behold I have given you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy). Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming the curse himself… Jesus’s death on the cross was not for a specific group of challenges but his death came about to conquer all challenges and to deliver everyone. By his death and resurrection we were given power to fight against any kind of challenge we might face. We have been given the power to break generational curses by simply stepping out of the circle in the name of Jesus Christ. When you choose to allow Jesus to take control of your life, there is a breaking of chains that begins to happen because when Jesus steps into a place, demons tremble and flee, darkness cannot stand him because he is the Light. Nothing remains the same when Jesus occupies your heart. Chains are broken, healing and deliverance takes place. It is only by the power in the name of Jesus we are set free from any demonic oppression.

By choosing to invite Jesus into your heart you are bringing freedom to yourself, your family, your children, your children’s children and generations to come. The question is are you ready to make a change? Are you willing to be the first to break the cycle by stepping out of the circle?



FB: You Can Rise Again

Pray for Yourself

No one can seek God for you or be saved for you. You cannot rely on someone else prayer or experience, you cannot depend someone else’s salvation, you cannot live off of your parents/ grandparents’s prayers. You have to seek, pray and know God for yourself. .



Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2:12 #christianliving #godoverall #trustjesus #seekgod #lovegod #pray #prayer #salvation

What’s making you anxious?

I have realised the importance of checking myself from time to time to ensure I’m doing things that enhance and better my life and not destroy myself from the inside.  One of the ways i do this is asking myself, is God still first in my life or i have put him in the back seat somewhere?
Recently i have realised that there are moments in my life (they don’t happen often, which is good) i wake up feeling a bit anxious for no apparent reason and trust me even if this is not as intense as other people’s experiences, it is a horrible feeling to have. I look at my work life, my personal life and my family life and i cannot seem to find anything that would cause me to be anxious. So what is causing this? I ask myself.  What i have found helpful (and i do this quite often) is look at my daily routine to check if there is anything that I’m doing that I’m not supposed to which might have thrown me off balance? Is there anything important that i have been doing that i have stopped doing which has contributed to me feeling this way? During my personal investigations i have found out that every time i experience this anxious feeling, i have neglected my bible reading, my prayer life and generally spending time with God. When i go back to consistently reading the word and praying, i become happier within and that anxious feeling just disappears and my whole being becomes peaceful again.
I would encourage every child of God to grab their bible and read it even if its just for 5 minutes a day, it will transform your life. The word of God is alive and it has been given to us to change our lives and make us whole again. 
Psalm 119:105 ”Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”


Wheat Grass Powder!!!

Today I want to talk about another one of my favourites and i take this everyday, Wheat Grass Powder!!!! I normally take this in the morning after my workout routine (don’t ask me why) it just works for me that way ☺️. How i take this: i usually take 1 heaped teaspoon and mix it water and drink it straight like that (keep in mind that wheat grass powder does not necessarily taste great 😆 but it doesn’t taste horrible either 👍🏽. Sometimes i take it in my smoothies, i just blend it in with my fruits. I have tried mixing it with porridge but didn’t like it very much but hey, different strokes for different folks they say, right?😆

Wheat grass powder has a vast range of benefits some of them i have listed below: (please note these are just a few of the benefits).

• Aid in Blood Sugar Regulation

• Could Help Kill Cancer Cells

• High in Nutrients and Antioxidants

• May Alleviate Inflammation

• Could Help Promote Weight Loss

• improves blood sugar problems

• Aid in reducing cholesterol

• Boosts immune system

I buy my supply from The Health Shop, Health and All, located in Kwame Nkrumah Ave in Harare Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 . When im not in Zimbabwe i purchase it from Holland & Barret or Natural Foods Health shop in the UK.


What Fragrance are you Leaving Behind?

I went jogging the other day and i ran past a man standing at the bus stop, as soon as i ran past him, the Lord asked me, ”what Fragrance did you leave behind?” I started asking myself, so When i ran past that man, did i leave a sweet scent or did i leave him holding his nose in disgust or did i just make the poor man collapse to the ground with my odour? What smell did i leave behind? i asked myself. 

I started meditating more on this question and i realised that this is the same as when we are in our work places, at home, shopping, vacations etc. We meet,  Work and interact with a lot of people and we have to ask ourselves these questions. When we leave that place, that room or that meeting, what fragrance are we leaving behind? What attitudes are we presenting? What mood do we create when we enter or leave a room? Do we leave people uplifted or crashed inside? Do people dread having us as a boss/leader in the workplace? Do we leave people not wanting to associate with us at all because of how we make them feel when we are around? Are you the type that people avoid? Do you create harmony or you disturb the peace when you are around people?  These are some of the questions we need to be asking ourselves and try to make necessary changes within ourselves to make sure that we can positively affect and influence others to be better people. Having the ability to look at SELF (do a SELF-CHECK) and acknowledge our weaknesses gives us the opportunity to change for the better and grow and only then will we be able to leave that admirable presence, that beautiful fragrance behind. Let us strive to be that person that leaves people wanting more of us than less of us. Our aim everyday should be to leave those we meet uplifted and hopeful rather than torn down and discouraged. Leave a beautiful Fragrance behind always!


Black Seed!!

Black Seed, another one of my favourites.

My friend Mac (MD of The Health Shop, Health and All, Harare) introduced me to black seed. Its a bit Chewy so i blend it in my smoothies. You can get it as the Oil, capsule or seeds. I personally don’t like the oil because it leaves a funny taste in my mouth so i make sure when i take it i don’t breathe for a few seconds lol!

Though It is used as a remedy for conditions such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis. I use black seed oil to boost my immune system, reduce inflammation, and fight infections. It can also be a good moisturiser for your skin.

I buy my supply from The Health Shop, Health and All, located in Kwame Nkrumah Ave in Harare Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 . In the UK, I purchase it from Holland & Barret or other Natural Foods Health shops.

Stitch by stitch, it all comes together…

I was in class the other day and as we began to cut our patterns I got this revelation immediately. In my hands I had this fabric that I had just purchased and I had to start cutting out the main pieces that I needed to make a garment and get rid of the bits that were of no use in this garment making process. I pocked this garment with a lot of pins to secure the patten onto the garment and used some chalk to put marks on it so that i get my measurements right. I pressed it with an iron and continued to work on this garment. At first it looked like a mess and so unattractive until I started putting some stitches and attaching the main pieces together, thats when I saw it beginning to take shape. This garment, stitch by stitch was slowly coming together.

This is the same as our lives. We are like beautiful garments in God’s hands. Sometimes we are battered and bruised by the storms of life. We sustain deep cuts, scratches and broken hearts created by those we work with, those dear to us or by other circumstances beyond our control. Sometimes we lose friendships and possessions that are no longer of use in our lives. As we experience all these challenges and learn to overcome them, God is also moulding and shaping us. He prune us and panel beats us and removes things or people in our lives that are not of use to us. His purpose is to leave the main pieces that are of significance in our walk with Him. When we make it to the other side of the storm we realise that we are stronger and wiser than we were before. This is when we are able to reach out and help someone else facing a challenge. Regardless of the challenges we face and the tough times we go through all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. When we keep hope alive and if we are patient enough and we trust the process, we will see that stitch by stitch, step by step things will start to take shape and come together creating a beautiful piece.


My Top pick of the day: Spirulina!!

This has been one of my favourite organic herbal supplements for over a year now. The reason this supplement has made the cut on WednesdayStar is because i see actual benefits and results from taking it. Since i started taking Spirulina over a year ago, my hair has become thicker, fuller and healthier than it used to be. My energy levels have gone up and my skin looks so much Healthier too. Spirulina has a lot of benefits from boosting your immune system, boosting your energy levels, lowers blood pressure, cleanses your system, has some cancer fighting properties, healthier hair and skin and many more.

I normally buy my Spirulina supply from The Health Shop, Health and All, located in Kwame Nkrumah Ave in Harare Zimbabwe. When im not in Zimbabwe i purchase it from Holland and Barret in the UK. 

Please do your own research and if required consult you GP for advice before taking this product.