It May Get Worse Before It Gets Better!

I remember when i was 14 years old i developed a boil, a lot of people who have had one know how painful these little bastards can be. This little monster was so painful that i could fee it pulsating. I tried to squeeze it but the pain was unbearable because the central white head of the boil had not fully come out. I had to wait for the head to fully mature then squeeze the pus out. I made a trip to the school dispensary clinic and I remember our matron at the time squeezing the boil and i just made the highest pitched noise i had ever made in my life from the pain, I cried bitterly for a while. After a good hour i started to feel some relief round the area where the boil was, i felt a lot better and the pain was slowly subsiding. It got me thinking that sometimes we face some excruciating storms in life and the pain can be unbearable. These hurricanes can be like sqeezing pus out of a boil. It hurts so much but we have to understand that sometimes we need to embrace the storm and endure the pain for a little while in order to come out victorious on the other side. When that pus is squeezed out, the boil starts to heal and the pain starts to get better. Same with our trials, they hurt for a little while but when they pass, healing and restoration begins. When we allow healing to take place, some of these storms will be just like waters that have passed away. We will be able to speak about them without feeling pain and help heal others who may be facing the same. Remember, sometimes it may have to get worse before it gets better. #beencouraged.

Tsitsi Mutsago


Author: You Can Rise Again

Encourage Motivation Uplift Helping people to Rise Again Health and Wellness Instagram @youcariseagain

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