The Opening of the Blinded Eyes!

There is a story in the bible in Mark 8:22-26 about a blindman who was brought to Jesus by some people. When the man came to Jesus, Jesus took him by the hand and led him out of the village. Jesus separated him from the crowd. Jesus knew exactly where he was taking the man but the man, I’m sure had no idea where he was going but he trusted Jesus and because he was desperate for his sight to be restored, he didn’t argue, he allowed Jesus to lead him out of his comfort zone. I wonder what they were talking about on their way out of the village but I’m sure they had a good conversation. If that was me, walking alongside Jesus OMG! I would wear him out because I would have so many questions to ask him. It is said that Jesus spat on the man’s eyes (not what most of us would appreciate or consider pleasant but hey ho! that is what happened) and laid hands on him. At first the man could not see clearly, his vision was still a little blurred then Jesus laid his hands on him again, and his sight was completely restored, he saw everything clearly this time. What I found interesting is that after this healing Jesus told the man to go home but he must not enter the village again. It is easy to fall back into our old ways when we receive our breakthroughs but continue to hang around toxic people and toxic environments. So sometimes when we find the peace and restoration we need, we must move away from that which threatens to steal from us.

This story reminds me of how, sometimes when God wants to give you your breakthrough or cause a shift in your life, he separates or isolates you from everything around you. He will remove you from all the noise and the crowds because he wants to have a conversation with you. He wants you to focus on what he is about to do in your life.

The lessons I have learnt from this:

1) When God asks you to do something, to say something or to go somewhere, obey and trust him because he knows where you are going, and he knows the plans he has for you.

2) For certain things to change in your life or for certain breakthroughs to happen, you have to remove yourself from certain crowds.

3) Sometimes God will ask us to take certain actions that are very uncomfortable or even embarrassing but will bring about the breakthrough and change that we need.

4) When we begin to walk on a journey with God, our vision may not instantly become clear. It can be blurry for a while and this is the time we need to search and seek the Lord’s face constantly and be honest with God by telling him our weaknesses and our areas of struggle. As you continue to grow in the Lord, he will give you another touch that will make everything clearer.

5) Deliverance is a process, it may take time, but it is well worth it if we are able to be patient and allow God to do his great work in us and allow him to do it his way.

6) When we are delivered, healed, restored and received our breakthroughs, there are some places we should never go back to. We need to close the doors to toxic people, toxic environments and avoid unfruitful spaces and move forward because when we are touched by God, our blinded eyes can now see clearly and differently, behold all things have become new.

Tsitsi Mutsago


Author: You Can Rise Again

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