Let Your Turbulence Push You Forward!


About 3 months ago i was travelling back to the United Kingdom from my vacation. It was a 10 hr flight and when we were halfway in we encountered some serious turbulence that everyone became very silent for what seemed to be a very long time. I mean i love travelling and flying but one thing i absolutely hate is turbulence let alone serious ones. I must admit i was really scared, terrified to be precise. All we could do was stay calm, embrace and trust God it was going to be alright. I think this stretch took about 20 minutes but to me it felt like forever.

After that stretch was over and the plane started to move smoothly my heart finally settled, thank you Jesus. We arrived in the United Kingdom safely and the Pilot mentioned to us that we arrived ahead of schedule. Because of the turbulence we encountered we arrived earlier than expected. Those turbulence helped to push us forward and therefore we got to our destination well ahead of time. So it got me thinking, that sometimes the challenges we face may feel like they are taking forever to end. The storm seems to be going on and on with no end in sight, but if we find the courage and strength to keep pushing through the storm, keep praying and keep seeking the Lord’s face, we will be able to weather the storm and get to our destinations or receive our breakthroughs quicker. Some of those turbulence, tests and trials that we face in life are designed push us, to strengthen us, to mould us and to get us to our destination right on schedule.

Sometimes we delay our destinies because we resist facing the trials that God allows us to go through. In Numbers 14:34, the children of Israel took 40yrs to get to their destination that was only meant to take them about 2 weeks. In that 40 years, they wandered in the wilderness aimlessly. Sometimes we delay our blessings because we are still holding on to things that God wants us to let go of, (those bad relationships, those jobs we absolutely hate, that unforgiveness, jealousy, hate and that anger). Staying in these toxic situations will stop us from growing, hinder us from moving forward and will keep us wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. A lot of people do not like change because change can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable, but if you want to be able to walk on water, you got to be prepared to get out of that boat, right?! So sometimes we need to just heed the voice of God and embrace the storm and trust that God is with us in the midst of the storm. When we come out we will have a renewed strength and a renewed mind.

In Genesis 37, Joseph endured the Pit, being sold to be a slave, the Prison and then ended up in the Palace. His journey was not easy but he kept trusting in God and being obedient to his voice no matter how ugly his situation got. It is important to understand that not every storm is a weapon formed against us, but even if it was, God promises in his word, Romans 8:28 that he will work ALL things together (the bad and the good) for good to them that love him and are called according to his purpose. Some storms, lion’s dens, pits of fire and tornados that we face come to demonstrate God’s mighty hand and his overcoming power in our lives.

Above all God is the King over the floods, storms, fires and tornados and he has the power in the sound of his voice to tell each one of them to be still. So fear not the Lord is with you and he will see you through.

May the Lord give you the strength to Be still,  to embrace the storm he allows into your life and may those challenges and trials propel you to a beautiful future and get you to your destination much quicker than you anticipated!


Author: You Can Rise Again

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