The Secret Place

I asked a few people what they thought when they hear the phrase The Secret Place. I got different answers some said they thought about a Cave, some thought an address that nobody else knows about, 

and some said a hiding place or room. All answers, though different had something in common they were talking about a hidden and personal space that no one else knows about.


I have realised that this secret place does not always have to be an environment but it can also be a mindset. I have found out that I can actually zone out of the environment that I’m in even when there is a lot of people around me. I can be in my on space in a place full of people. I can be in my own secret place where no else one knows what I’m thinking about, what I’m seeing or looking at, no one knows what secrets I’m keeping deep inside. It is my secret place


I go through periods in my life where I just want to come out of the world spend time with God and equip myself to go back into the world. When I’m in my secret place, 

I switch off and just focus on my 

personal relationship with God. It is in that place I ask God questions, I seek direction, I repent, I wage war on the devil, and I break, bind, rebuke, renounce and denounce in that secret place. I sweat bullets in my secret place. I cry, I groan deeply and sometimes I argue with God because Iwant him to accept my will instead of his. I try to reason with God; I roll on the floor in my secret place. I’m also silent at times in my secret place, listening to what God is saying and if I don’t hear anything I just lift my hands and Worship. I can safely say there is a lot of craziness that happens in this space of mine, a lot that a person from the outside will never understand and only God can. There is a lot of rearranging that takes place, a lot of deep cleaning of this soul of mine when I’m in my secret place. Im undeniably in my raw-rest form when I’m in my secret place. I’m myself, I’m vulnerable, and I’m a child.


Then something different happens when I come out from my hiding place. Im stronger, lighter, happier, composed and rejuvenated. I’m refilled; I’m comforted and beautifully broken. Oh how I love spending time in that secret place. I’m always changed when I spend time in the presence of the almighty that is why I call it my secret place.


Find your special secret place and spend time with your creator and he will reveal to you wonderful, marvelous and hidden things that you know nothing about. (Jeremiah 33:3)






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