Stitch by stitch, it all comes together…

I was in class the other day and as we began to cut our patterns I got this revelation immediately. In my hands I had this fabric that I had just purchased and I had to start cutting out the main pieces that I needed to make a garment and get rid of the bits that were of no use in this garment making process. I pocked this garment with a lot of pins to secure the patten onto the garment and used some chalk to put marks on it so that i get my measurements right. I pressed it with an iron and continued to work on this garment. At first it looked like a mess and so unattractive until I started putting some stitches and attaching the main pieces together, thats when I saw it beginning to take shape. This garment, stitch by stitch was slowly coming together.

This is the same as our lives. We are like beautiful garments in God’s hands. Sometimes we are battered and bruised by the storms of life. We sustain deep cuts, scratches and broken hearts created by those we work with, those dear to us or by other circumstances beyond our control. Sometimes we lose friendships and possessions that are no longer of use in our lives. As we experience all these challenges and learn to overcome them, God is also moulding and shaping us. He prune us and panel beats us and removes things or people in our lives that are not of use to us. His purpose is to leave the main pieces that are of significance in our walk with Him. When we make it to the other side of the storm we realise that we are stronger and wiser than we were before. This is when we are able to reach out and help someone else facing a challenge. Regardless of the challenges we face and the tough times we go through all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. When we keep hope alive and if we are patient enough and we trust the process, we will see that stitch by stitch, step by step things will start to take shape and come together creating a beautiful piece.

Author: You Can Rise Again

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