My Top pick of the day: Spirulina!!

This has been one of my favourite organic herbal supplements for over a year now. The reason this supplement has made the cut on WednesdayStar is because i see actual benefits and results from taking it. Since i started taking Spirulina over a year ago, my hair has become thicker, fuller and healthier than it used to be. My energy levels have gone up and my skin looks so much Healthier too. Spirulina has a lot of benefits from boosting your immune system, boosting your energy levels, lowers blood pressure, cleanses your system, has some cancer fighting properties, healthier hair and skin and many more.

I normally buy my Spirulina supply from The Health Shop, Health and All, located in Kwame Nkrumah Ave in Harare Zimbabwe. When im not in Zimbabwe i purchase it from Holland and Barret in the UK. 

Please do your own research and if required consult you GP for advice before taking this product. 

Author: You Can Rise Again

Encourage Motivation Uplift Helping people to Rise Again Health and Wellness Instagram @youcariseagain

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